ADVKEN's name is inspired by a pair of couple who is true to their dreams.
The common ideal come from female owner Vicky and Male owner Andy:
Transform some color and healthy living habits in our lives into an active and healthy attitude to life.
Integrate colors and attitudes into the product, deepen the life and quality into the core of the products.
This belief has gradually influenced many people, enabling more people to understand colors and feel that we are consistent with health and quality.
The brand is also the integration and expansion of the couples' English names.
It is also a spiritual culture of our own: blending different ideas and expanding positive thinking.
Now you can see our ADVKEN on every continent in the world. We use each of our different types of products and colors to match every different experience and scene. In the vape family, find your own color and feeling.

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Advken CP TF 24mm RTA

$34.99 $22.79

Advken Notch 24mm RDA

$39.95 $24.49